One of the best Resorts in Algarve, Portugal, Vidamar is truly a unique place. As close to the marvelous golden dunes as possible, fantastic staff and a wonderful design, the Resort lacked content to share with its customers on-line.

That’s where I came in.

With my camera in hand I woke up early and spent an entire day at the Resort. Capturing what makes it special and sharing it with the world. After the pictures it was time for words, that came naturally, to describe what was captured, with a gentle and fun copywriting.

Tiki Bar

Tiki is one of the best pool bars I ever seen. Not just the friendly staff that works there makes you smile while you drink one of the most fresh and delicious cocktails you ever tasted but also you can enjoy sitting at the pool while you do so. Double the freshness.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is inspired, and true to that inspiration, in Italian cuisine. Not only the pizzas are made on a traditional oven, but every ingredient is truly fresh and makes your imagination wonder if you’re really in Algarve.

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