The Video

We went to Malaga to spend the New Year’s Eve but I didn’t want to film everything as I actually wanted to relax and enjoy it. We spent a couple of days in the city and had fun exploring it. We walked a lot and saw a lot of what the city had to offer. We visited the contemporary art museum which was just a bit too weird for my taste; Picasso’s birth-house and the palace and fortress. I’m just sorry that I didn’t film a proper story as I just grabbed my camera to shoot some cool stuff very rarely as I was really trying to be in the moment and enjoy a bit of a relaxed time. But hey, I think the video is not that bad and actually represents well our holidays there. You should definitely visit.

The Photos

I bought a Sony 50mm in Porto, and I’ve been using it ever since as my main portrait lens. I absolutely love it. Besides that I use my 16-55mm for the wider shots. Look at some of the shots I took. For more you can always check my Instagram.




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