Trying to look cool. But failed.

My friends, that I met in Russia, decided to pay us a visit. I wanted to show them around and we ended up everyday looking for a place to dive. We found caves and more caves, beautiful beaches and we ate some amazing food.


No, they were not THAT heavy.


Hamza is Iraqi and this week was full of firsts for him. To be inside of a LOT of caves, Portuguese food (he loved our delicious codfish dishes), our canned fish, crabs and snails and his first ever dive! I’m proud of him!

We spend the days looking for awesome places and we visited and explored the Rocha and Vau Beach, as the caves of Carvoeiro.

Shark theme song.

I tried to film a bit but I didn’t really wanted to vlog as I wished to spend time with them. But I brought my GoPro Session everywhere as I don’t really feel comfortable leaving the house without a camera.

And then I LOST IT!


We rented a paddle boat and after jumping on the water (the very last jump you see on the vlog) I tried to climb on board, but I couldn’t as they started paddling, to mess with me. The problem was that I had my Gopro in my mouth when I was trying to swim and because of the bubbles (YES, BUBBLES!) (you can never say bubbles angry) I let the GoPro out of my mouth so I could breath! In just one second – it was gone.

We searched and searched, but the camera was gone. I was out of breath and couldn’t even dive one more time. But this guy saved the day. One the very last dive and far from where it had happened…

Alex was touched by some devine being.


He actually found it!!! I can’t still believe it and for many hours I couldn’t understand how it was possible, as we were really far from shore and still… I have my GoPro! A BIG THANK YOU to Alex and Hamza and Esther for this weekend was truly something else. And thanks to Helena for everything.


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