Sons of Earth

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An inspirational video, that impels you to meet Nature.

Don’t have dreams. Dreams are far away ideas, wrapped in a cloud of impossibility and empty promises. Don’t close your eyes. Don’t fall asleep hoping for a better tomorrow. Don’t have dreams. Have objectives. Have a checklist. Have something that you can scratch, modify and improve. Have, most of all, the will to do what it takes. Don’t dream, don’t think that anything is out of reach. Don’t think for a minute that you can’t grow any longer. Don’t dream with your eyes closed. Life is for the awaken. For the ones with a checklist.
Sons of Earth. Listen to me. Our mother is sick. You have to return home. She’ll live, but we may not, if we dismiss this call. If we do not visit her now, we’re not worthy of her, and we’ll perish long before she notices our absence. Sons of Earth. Listen to me. Our mother loves us still. But not for long. For her memory is old and remembers all we have done. So get to know her now. Through her gifts, her mountains, her forests, her rivers and oceans. Get to know your brothers and sisters. Talk to them and listen. For we’re not alone. Sons of Earth. Listen to me. Our mother is sick. Come home.

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