I wasn’t planing on vlogging but hey, I bring my camera everywhere I go and I got some shots. They’re not great but what the hell, I miss vlogging.

I love medieval fairs!
I believe is the fantasy reader in me that just loves this idea of going back in time. Of course in those days there weren’t this many tents selling stuff you hang around at your place gathering dust, or the higiene, or the fact that I would probably be a very poor farmer. But hey, fantasy right?

We ended up having a pretty good time in Silves. The Medieval Fair is famous and for good reason. The food and drinks were amazing and cheap. The tents were nice and people actually offered us stuff to try out before buying. Above all I loved the smell of food and spices, together with smoke coming from wooden ovens while they baked homemade bread. There were too many people for my taste, but that’s just like any other event. It was nice and the night was fantastic.

If you’re close by make sure you make time for exploring this magnificent Medieval Fair. It’s just 2€ after all.

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