I grew up in a region roughly translated as “Behind the Mountains”. It did not only rained but snowed also. I dreaded the winter sunny days as a clear sky meant freezing cold. And I drove a motorcycle every day since I was 15. Winter was harsh, and the people’s hearts were warm and soft.

It was only when I came to the Algarve that I had 300+ sunny days per year.

Rain is special here.

Not only because it comes so rarely but also because it’s truly the fountain of life. Everything starts to become green again, after a hot blazing summer.

But still, the tourism industry here is afraid to show it. I’ve been told repeatedly that tourists don’t want to come to a place that reminds them of home. They want to experience the lobster’s red sunburn. They want blue skies and golden sands.

That’s the picture.

That’s the problem.

In an age that balances realism, with immediate and unedited social media posts, and carefully designed and integrated marketing, we shouldn’t be afraid of being real.

I believe that they don’t show rain because it’s easier to show a perfect and immaculate clear sky. Rain is not only natural, it’s a blessing. In good measure, it makes everything look amazing.

But in rain it’s not hard to find beauty. There’s life in rain. There’s peace. Show that.

Today I was working in my office and heard the first drops. I had my camera just beside me. I decided to shoot and share the moment.

Don’t be afraid of the rain.

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