Porto always felt like home.
Born in the North, visits to Porto’s shops were a must. Quite literally, because we didn’t have them back at the little city of Bragança.

I love everything about it. Even before it became the upcoming creative scene in Portugal, due to the already saturated Lisbon, Porto always appealed to me.

Maybe it’s due to its intact century old cobble streets contrasting with the latest of interior design in the hippest night scene. But Porto has grown, to become a city worthy of exploring and letting it tell you its many secrets. That, with a wide and very cool cultural offer, coupled with the cheapest and delicious meals you can find in Portugal, I decided to stay for a week.

My friend Alex actually traded Algarve for Porto a few months back and didn’t mind me staying at his place, even though he was working. I found his place dreamy, as he lives in the center of Porto, but in an old and renovated monastery. Yes, a freaking Monastery! You can’t go by car and you actually have to walk to his house through cobble street that I’m pretty sure didn’t suffer major changes since it was built around the XV century. You can only hear birds in the little pieces of land that serve as miniature farms for the old ladys that live there for as long as they remember. It’s simply amazing.

You have to go through this amazing street to reach Alex’s place in Porto

I went to Porto not only because I wanted to explore the city. I went because Alex is one of those people that makes you better, because he demands it of you. When I’m around him I always feel the need to create more, and better. He doesn’t know this, but I really like the guy. I wanted to go because I really need to explore, do, create, even more so in my holidays.

As you might know, I work as a Marketing Executive for a 5* Hotel in Algarve and I do side projects that I really like, to keep my mind sharp and creative. And recently I took 3 weeks of holidays. But I believe a sharp mind needs to always be cutting. So, I went to Porto with the purpose of creating. I decided to go back to vlogging my experiences.


Breakfast in Porto

Fotografia de Octavio Passos/GI

Me and Helena are big fans of cereals, so we couldn’t miss the chance to have breakfast in Porto’s Cereal Café. It was sweet and it didn’t feel strange, to have cereals outside our home. The guys are friendly and usually people that go to places like this are too. They have pre-made cereal mixes but you can try whatever you want. I went for the Rainbow mix. Sweet and colourful. Helena went for something more traditional but nonetheless delicious. Watch the video to check out our visit. You should definitely try it out.





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