PIPERS, the irony bar.

Pipers was struggling with being an Irish pub in a Portuguese Academic city like Faro, Portugal. Students, the main target clients, were not that into the Pub scene. So, Design and Copywriting had to be improved, so this Bar would standout in Algarve.

It had to change.

The concept had to change. The only limitation was the name, it had to be same. I had to be creative in finding a solution. The old logo had a black man with a bag pipe. Go figure. It seemed impossible at first but as I was researching for a different approach on the name I came across the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The big idea!

Changing the logo, replacing the bag pipe for a medieval pipe and the slogan “follow the sound”, I was able to tell a different story behind the name, thus creating a different concept. Now the bar is a meeting point, like the Piper for the little children in the story.


Not only the logo had to be redesigned, but the whole concept of the bar had to match it. It was not easy, but it was worth it.

For this particular client we wanted something completely different. So I created a unique style of ironic sentences, based on the good old Irish people, describing the bar and events on its social media campaigns. This rude and almost sincere communication was unique and made the difference when people chose a bar to spend the night.

Creative Marketing

With the new concept and logo in place It was time for the ad campaign. With a slim budget I had an idea to overcome the old trash flyers.

We would create and use card game like flyers. Real cards, with a special and beautiful drawn piper on the front and on the back the promotion detailed. So people wouldn’t trow this to the trash and instead keep it or trade it for a drink.

Clever deals

How to advertise a bar, make it fun and make people stay for the next hour? Make a special campaign where 1 shot can only be paid with 10 cents in the first 10 sec. every hour. The genius part of this campaign is that the bartender couldn’t possible serve that many people during the 10 sec. interval, so people would stay for another hour (buying drinks) just for another shot.



Creative Director


October 2015

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