Photoshoot, preserved beauty.

Alex, one of my dear good friends and fellow creative decided to put his impressive portfolio online. With work like this it was not only a big responsibility but also an incredible joy to create a digital home.


As a photographer in Algarve he didn’t have an online portfolio, not only to show his work at a push of a button, but also to generate leads.

But not only that, he didn’t have a logo. Therefore, I started with Naming, designed a logo, and create his website with copywriting on his homepage.

The name, the logo.

After much talk, we decided that it was best to have a more broad name, a young yet professional tone of voice, and the concept was born. 

Photoshoot is not only seriously SEO friendly but it’s also impactful and tells you what it is right away.

The logo has one font with different widths so it’s not only easier to read but also the memorize. The colour green simbolizes youth and a fresh look. The square simbolizes perspective and the camera’s viewfinder.




Alexander Bogorodskiy

Website Creator, Copywriter, Designer


February 2017


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