Chef Louis Anjos invited me to help him market his brand new restaurant. I jumped on the idea, not only because I love food, but because Louis is undoubtedly one of the best people I’ve met in Algarve. His passion for food equals mine for Marketing.

Flavour meets beauty, in a dish.

The Fourth Video

The 4rd video I made to MyPastta restaurant, this time I decided to go with a powerful western music that actually suits really nicely with the shots.

I decided to test my brand new Sony A7III video and I was actually impressed. The only problem was that I had only my Sony FE 85mm 1.8 that can’t give me those detailed shots as I have to stand almost a meter away from the subject, and I had to shoot with my Sony E 50mm 1.8 OSS that gives me that crop, that for details it doesn’t really bother me, but the focus was all over the place and hunting way more than usual.

I actually had to shoot a lot with my Sony A6300 to get the most important shots, which is infuriating. Don’t use crop lenses with the Sony A7III for video. I hope you like this type of content. As a content creator for business this is what I do 🙂

The Third Video

I created a very short video, featuring the opening preparations, that achieved almost 2000 views in just two days, without any promotion.

Shot in a half hour, among the extremely busy and focused staff, the pressure was on.

I decided to shoot almost everything I saw, moved a lot to get a better perspective and attention to detail, but also because the kitchen staff ordered me to do so (a lot ahah). As time was of the essence I was just able to get a few different shots. I actually used every shot I took in the video!

I shot and edited it in the same and published on their facebook page and on my youtube channel.

The Photoshoot

Food photography is usually the most expensive type of photography. Why? Because it’s hard.

I actually had several problems with this one. I’ve lost my black fabric for the background, and I don’t have a studio to shoot in. I went to a chinese shop and bought these little square pieces of black fabric. The light reflection on those where very noticeable but easy to take out. I had to really be careful while editing, but I believe the results were worth it.

I shot these photos in a balcony. Yes, you read that right, in the client’s balcony! I always prefer to shoot with natural light, but this time it was because the kitchen of the restaurant wasn’t ready yet and I had to have those photos to prepare the design. Armed with a reflector (to soften the strong shadows) and a tripod I was able to shoot the dishes quite well.

I went for a clean, shadowy look to highlight the dish and keep the “mood” selective and secretive (because the food is so good it should be a secret!).

This is how it first looked!

Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.


Here the first video I did for the restaurant. It was actually shot in the same balcony as the photos.

And here’s the second:

 And here’s the official video:


Check his Facebook page, that I manage.

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