Winner of “Boa Cama Boa Mesa” award, Louis, the coolest Chef you’ll ever meet gave me the honour of photographing his dishes for this year’s Algarve Chef’s Week.  As the Sales & Marketing Executive of Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa, I wanted to do this right so I took the photos and for a side I wrote the copy to describe them:

Orange in Arabic is pronounced “Portkal”.
The Algarve’s fresh and sweet citrus had certainly an impact in the world.
We wanted to create a long lasting memory of the meal, translating our history through a timeless flavour.

“Açorda”, a traditional dish, now revised.
Enhancing not only its rich flavour, this healthy and delicious fish is served with bread on the side.
It bring you back to past and simpler days but with a complexity of wonderful sensations.

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