I started working when I was 16. I don’t really remember what I wanted to buy but I do remember what my dad’s answer was: Go and work for it, you’re old enough.

So I did.

Since then, I’ve worked to survive and I’ve worked to buy superfluous stuff. I’ve worked in agriculture, cleaning, bars, sales and for a few years now – Marketing.

But the things I’ve learned through it all is what I really came to appreciate. I use them everyday. Experience is the most precious tool you can have. And what you do with it is what matters most.

What I’ve learned from mine is that passion is an attitude. I remember while I was working the fields or cleaning nasty houses – I always had a smile on my face. For I’ve always found a purpose through simple objectives. Be it finishing a particular task in that time, or being a bit better everyday. Trying to achieve this tiny objectives made my day more engaging and shorter. And when I did achieve them, I would create some more.

I was never bored. And that kept the passion going.

Another thing is that I kept that flame, of starting a new job, well lit.

I’ve always been able to recognize my own ignorance. I’m not a Master of anything, but I’m passionate about a lot of things. Things that still intrigue me, for I understand that I don’t know all about them, but I still want to change that. I want to know all about it. The cheer acceptance of my ignorance makes things still mysterious and intriguing.

I believe passion comes from the heart wanting more of something.

I’m a Marketer for a few years now. I started as a copywriter. And as a copywriter, you have to be curious. It’s kind of mandatory. And so I started to look into how/why my copy would be used. I combined my passion for photography and video and created content to accompany my copy. I started to design, to explain designers what I meant. I started measuring the results to see what worked best. I did all that because I wanted to do more.

All of the sudden I knew how to do a lot of things, just because I’m passionate about it.

For work is not about the final product. It’s about the journey, the way that that product is assembled, it’s about wanting to achieve perfection. Work is about engagement, of your team coming together and producing something beautiful. Work is doing.

So, passion is doing more, and wanting to do more. Passion is then motivation to excel.

Motivation can be inspired, trained and incited, by your leaders or by your own self. So, get passionate!

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