Moustache Coffeehouse

I couldn’t live without coffee. And donuts.
I love every coffee and I love every donut. So, when I was invited to experience this new little coffeehouse in Porto it didn’t take too long to accept it.

The place is just around the corner of the University of Porto. If you don’t look inside you might miss the chance to enjoy one of the best coffees I had in a long time. Moustache is not just new with a flashy design. It’s good.

The Design

Moustache counter

The chairs outside are cool in the Summer, but I went there just a few days before Christmas. And how happy I was for it.

The interiors are beautifully designed. They’re of good taste, modern, but simple. With wooden and bare concrete tones, it combines the industrial look of a manufacturer with the homey feeling you get in any coffeehouse. The building has 3 spaces. The reception, where the most delicious cakes ever made are visible to hungry eyes; on the back you have a tunnel like room where you see yourself hanging out with your friends. Just like the people I found there. Upstairs you can find a room that looks bigger than it is, where windows let shine trough and conversations mix with pauses to drink or eat. The design here is cosier, with large chairs, but the colours are sober. It feels like a room made for a polite but relaxed conversation.

Moustache Coffeehouse counter

The Staff

Moustache Coffeehouse barista

More important than what is how.
The staff are not only extremely polite, but they shine with positivism. They look like those special kind of people that really love what they’re doing. The barista was impressive, not only you could see that he really cared about the end result, but also that he wanted me to experience it fully. This is the way it should always be, anywhere.

Moustache Coffeeshouse Barista 2

The Coffee

The coffee tasted like perfection.
It felt so good that it didn’t seem like coffee. Almost transparent, the colour was amazing. The product of time and dedication.

The Verdict


I will definitely come back. Visit their Facebook page here.


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