CONII, open to the sea.

One of the most uniquely fresh and bright hostels I’ve been in, CONII set itself apart from the rest. This client put in our hands the entire creative responsibility. And I was more than happy to oblige. We should turn Conii Hostel in the most beautiful hostel in Algarve, trough design and copywriting.


The hostel was still in construction when they ask our help. Not only they needed a logo and a lot of design work, but also all of the content and a marketing strategy.

The design was done by Natadesign, as for me, I was responsible to turn this idea into something we could sell.


After visiting the facilities while in construction and checking the floor designs etc. I started to create the concept, tone of voice and content.

The concept was simple, based of the history behind the name, the building and its surroundings it was easy to connect it all.

As for the tone of voice, I decided to go for a fresh, young and funny type of communication, just like a dear long life friend.

Thus, the content was created, in English and Portuguese.

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