When we’re kids we believe in Magic and magic only works because we want to believe in it. And Circus was the place where magic took over.

There’s still a strange belief that when circus came to town, it would rain. The magic was there, as that statement held true when I was growing up.

This kind of mystic amplified magic, comedy, animal and athletic performances.

So it was great joy that we decided to attend the Circus at the famous Porto’s Coliseu.

I wasn’t expecting anything.
Everything happened.

All was ok, the show was going great. The Majorettes, a dance group, were fantastic.
And here comes the Mariani clown.
He was searching for his usual victims to participate in the show. I pointed to Alex, as it would be hilarious to see him up there.

Big mistake.

Me, at Coliseu Circus making a fool of myself. My own fault.


He chose me. I never had the chance to tell him that I don’t really like clowns. It’s nothing personal. I just think they’re a bit creepy. So, I climbed to the stage. I put some rabbit ears and jumped around, making fun of myself. A humility lesson I greatly appreciate.

The rest of the show was impressive. Ukranian very athletic circus acts, daredevil moves and breakdancers. I went outside with faith in humanity restoured, as magic was back.

Now I didn’t appreciate the impossible. I appreciated the achievement of making it possible.

Just like the terminator: “I’ll be back”, for sure.

Check Coliseu’s Facebook page here.

Check the photos (I really wanted to take more but a nice lady told me I wasn’t allowed to)

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