I was invited again by Chef Louis to shoot his craft. But this time I entered the Michelin star realm as his latest project is a three times Michelin star restaurant in Algarve. His food is not just simply the best food I ever ate but it looks like it was made to look and feel like a painting. Bright colours and bright flavours are strong enough to make you aware but gentle enough to make you want to pay attention.

His love for food is in the details, in the perfection seeking gestures. I find that his dishes always tell you a story, of sea, land and wind. And in these you can truly savour it.

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It was a big responsibility this time as these photos will represent Chef’s work to Michelin guide and his new leadership.
I had to bring my A game.
But when your subjects are this good looking every angle is beautiful. I think they turned out ok. But you tell me.

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