Reticências contacted me for this one to help with Creative Direction and Copywriting.

Atlantik Morning reached out to create a brand new website. A new digital home to expand their business. They are a Travel Agency with a several kinds of businesses  that help their costumers achieve a complete and relaxed holiday in Algarve.

But this project was a challenge. But a good one. Not only was it hard to create a briefing but also to implement it as it was full of difficult decisions. With four areas to focus on, Atlantik Morning didn’t know what it was when we started.

We knew we wanted something Portuguese, that mimics the willingness to explore of the Portuguese people.

We wanted something traditional but with a modern twist.

Franziska, a collaborative designer that is behind some of the Reticências creations came up with a simple and yet elegant design.



Portuguese tiles! With very modern lines. The four areas are represented by different designs put together the “umbrella brand” of Atlantik Morning. I loved the way it said so much with so little. So, we had a start. From there the main copy started to flow:

“Atlantik Morning aims to satisfy all the needs of the most demanding tourists, with its four areas of expertise. Simplifying solutions for those who are looking for more out of their holidays. So you can truly enjoy your time and explore what life has to offer. With transfers, housing and experiences, your holidays are complete with the Atlantik Morning.”

And so, the Branding of Atlantik Morning was created. The website was next.

The website had to reflect its main 4 areas, giving simple yet effective ways to explore them but not too much, as 4 new websites have to be created to effectively increase the amount of conversions for each area of business.



Atlantik Morning

Copywriter, Creative Director


June 2017

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