My Pastta

Chef Louis Anjos invited me to help him market his brand new restaurant. I jumped on the idea, not only because I love food, but because Louis is undoubtedly one of the best people I’ve met in Algarve. His passion for food equals mine for Marketing. Flavour meets beauty, in a dish. The Video I […]

Trip To Malaga

The Video We went to Malaga to spend the New Year’s Eve but I didn’t want to film everything as I actually wanted to relax and enjoy it. We spent a couple of days in the city and had fun exploring it. We walked a lot and saw a lot of what the city had […]

Circus @ Coliseu 2017

When we’re kids we believe in Magic and magic only works because we want to believe in it. And Circus was the place where magic took over. There’s still a strange belief that when circus came to town, it would rain. The magic was there, as that statement held true when I was growing up. […]


Progenex is a big American sport nutrition brand. Their products are amazing. They sent some products over to shoot and so I did gladly. Natural but sport product shooting was done around Porto and at the Crossfit Foz Box. These shots will be featured at Progenexeurope instagram account.

The Coolest Coffeehouse in Porto

Moustache Coffeehouse I couldn’t live without coffee. And donuts. I love every coffee and I love every donut. So, when I was invited to experience this new little coffeehouse in Porto it didn’t take too long to accept it. The place is just around the corner of the University of Porto. If you don’t look […]

Where to eat breakfast in Porto

Porto always felt like home. Born in the North, visits to Porto’s shops were a must. Quite literally, because we didn’t have them back at the little city of Bragança. I love everything about it. Even before it became the upcoming creative scene in Portugal, due to the already saturated Lisbon, Porto always appealed to […]

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