Rain in Tourism

I grew up in a region roughly translated as “Behind the Mountains”. It did not only rained but snowed also. I dreaded the winter sunny days as a clear sky meant freezing cold. And I drove a motorcycle every day since I was 15. Winter was harsh, and the people’s hearts were warm and soft. […]

How To Find Your Passion

I started working when I was 16. I don’t really don’t remember what I wanted to buy but I do remember what my dad’s answer was: Go and work for it, you’re old enough. So I did. Since then, I’ve worked to survive and I’ve worked to buy superfluous stuff. I’ve worked in agriculture, cleaning, bars, sales […]

Natural High – 5Quinas

5Quinas 5Quinas is a Portuguese clothing brand for cyclists. They were the perfect partner for Macdonald Monchique’s Cycling Escapes. I contacted them and they were nice enough to get on the bike and go for a ride. The Video I took advantage of my cousin being a model and a cyclist and that he was […]

Mezzanine Bar

A bar with a view. But here what matters are the drinks, you can choose your favourite. Mezzanine Bar Video I loved shooting this video. Not only because Kyle, the barman, is very cool but also because the drinks were amazing. The movements were fast, and I had to keep up. I actually love this […]

Sensorial Spa

Pure Relaxation Sensorial Spa is one the most unique Spas in the Algarve. Set in the middle of Serra de Monchique, relaxation is pure. Spa Video The video was shot after the photos, as I always prefer to do this as the models are tired from the photos and the video is always a light […]

Silves’ Medieval Fair

I wasn’t planing on vlogging but hey, I bring my camera everywhere I go and I got some shots. They’re not great but what the hell, I miss vlogging. I love medieval fairs! I believe is the fantasy reader in me that just loves this idea of going back in time. Of course in those […]

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